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Published: 11th August 2010
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Since the inception of internet arena, millions of web pages are running across the web to represent numerous organizations and their services. Now the time has come when you have to search a good domain name for your upcoming projects that are either about to finalize or already projected and in pipeline. The reason however is highly evident as everyone whether an individual or an organization is in process to acquire a right and goal specific domain name.

If you are delayed in registering your domain it might possible that someone else may get the domain. To escape this sort of tricky situations, a unique concept of Domain Name Parking has kicked off. Very often it was discovered that a newly allotted domain doesn't have a particular website to be pointed at. Companies and domain registrars indulged in domain registration services finally arrived at a solution to escape this drawback and introduced the concept of Domain Name Parking.

Domain Name Parking: How it works

Domain Name Parking is a very cost effective method to secure a desired domain that redirects its website traffic to another website under the same umbrella. With the induction of domain parking concept domain name registrars now allow you to point your domain name to a dummy website or webpage. A parked domain has at least one webpage that displays 'under construction' symbol to elaborate that the page is under construction.

If you put the name of a parked domain in the browser, you will be redirected to the placeholder web page in their web browsers.

Monetized Domain Parking

In this kind of domain parking, ads pertaining products and services are shown to the visitors on the webpage. It's your responsibility to check whether the links and ads published on the parked sites are relevant to the services you offer. You may request your domain registrar in this regard.

Non-monetized Domain Parking

Here the parked web page displays 'under construction' or 'coming soon' symbols to visitors. Unlike monetized, non-monetized webpage doesn't show links or adds therefore chances of revenue generations seem very meager in this scenario.

Tips to use Domain Name parking

Below listed are some important instructions you need to follow in order to effective use of Domain Name Parking:

Choose the particular domain name that will function as the primary website

Park other domain names on the server by requesting your domain registrar

Redirect the parking domains to the main website to send traffic automatically to your main website

Don't forget to display 'Coming soon' or 'Under construction' symbols on the page.

The fact is that the domain parking companies pay more on the type of traffic, as it is natural that the traffic referred traffic. In the same vain, prospective buyers of domain takes keen interest in the acquisition of typo-generic domain names because they are very particular in the areas of procurement for the purpose of immediate traffic too. Domain names are being broken all the time so if you have thought of a cool domain name for a future project, it might be wise to register now. While you planning your own site too, you can park the domain name. Domain parking is a unique process where you can register a domain name and does not enter the domain name server of your provider. Usually the domain name have to register on their server, meaning that if you type your domain name in a web browser, you arrive at a default page provided by the register.

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